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Updated: July 2010

Dear Parent,

In April 2008, we asked parents who subscribed to the Apraxia and the Autism and Enzymes groups on Yahoo, to participate in our study to test the effectiveness of a liquid dietary supplement for autism spectrum disorders.

We started developing this supplement, when in 2006, our oldest son (who was almost 3 yrs old at the time) was diagnosed with Asperger Syndome and PDD-NOS by 2 separate neurologists. We started this study, because we were interested whether the improvements in our son's behavior, speech and social behavior were due to the autism supplement and could be replicated in other children with autism spectrum disorders.

A total of 11 children from 7 families participated in the study, which lasted for 4-6 weeks. The children had all been diagnosed with either autism, Asperger Synrome or PDD-NOS. Children's ages were between 3 and 8 years old.

Most children tolerated the supplement well and parents reported that the supplement had a calming effect on their child. However, 4-6 weeks was too short to notice any additional changes in the children.

Two families (3 children) decided to continue testing the autism supplement (over a 6 month period from April through October 2008) and below is a summary of their findings:

  • increased receptive speech
  • increased expressive speech
  • increased imaginary play
  • more social interactions (less side-by-side play, more peer-to-peer play)
  • improved mood (happier child, less intense and less frequent tantrums)


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