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  1. […] to Get Rid of Acne by CleansingWhat is the best acne treatment or product?Best Acne Treatment MenNatural Antihistamine Herbs […]

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  3. How much time would it take to prevent these allergic problems by taking the Antihistamine Herbs? Is it completely safe or Are there any side effects?

  4. Veterinarians have good products ie dogwood supplements to stop dogs from chewing on paws. It is an allergic reaction.

  5. […] Many people find that drinking chamomile tea can be soothing, but chamomile is also a useful herb for those experiencing minor allergic reactions. If you suffer from seasonal allergies that are more annoying than they are severe, drinking a cup of chamomile tea helps to ward off symptoms such as irritation and inflammation. It can also be used to combat pet allergies and reactions to cat scratches. A compound called quercetin that is present in chamomile is responsible for the antihistamine effect. […]

  6. I am desperate for a natural antihistamine for a small dog. He always bites & chews on his feet, stomach, & legs every spring & summer. Our vet uses steroids which I hate using because of the bad side effects. I am familiar with the herbs listed here but not sure what is safe for pets. Is there anywhere I can get information on this?

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