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  1. Looking for info on connection between Rosacea and diverticulosis/itis.

  2. Steve Wright, what digestive enzymes do you take. My problem sounds similar to yours. Thanks.

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  4. I have been taking digestive enzymes for 5 years after I read an article on possible links between Rosacea and poor digestion. Before I took the enzymes my Rosacea would flare up several times a month with lots of red patches around my nose and forehead. After taking the enzymes I flare up maybe 2 or 3 times a year, mostly when I forget to take them for several days.

  5. Burst diverticula led to full ab surgery. 1 week of antibiotics. Was red in nose and forehead going into hospital on way out skin is clear. Is it the lack of toxin from diverticulitis or the anti biotics? I think there is a link between diverticulitis and rosacea

  6. My family, including myself, have always had digestive issues one way or another. Due to this I tend to keep a fairly healthy diet including fresh fruit, veggies, grains, etc…

    I have been taking 2 pills per day also from the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse. One when I wake up and 1 pill about 8 hours later in the afternoon.

    My bowel functions have regulated and become easier. I do not feel any nausea upon taking these pills on an empty stomach and the pills do not have a strong taste or after-taste. I have also felt a slight change in energy level. I am usually a bit fatigued and sore due to anemia, but lately I have been feeling less fatigue and a bit more energy. So far there is nothing I do not like about this product and I intend on keeping up with my daily routine.

  7. I have digestive problem for 17 years but never experienced rosacea. I finally overcome my problem by fasting and intermittent fasting.

  8. Antibiotics are not a cure for digestion problems. They actually cause the problem. Change the diet and get allergy test to see what you cannot tolerate. Probiotic can get your digestion on the right tract. Digestion problems are due to diet and a yeast infection called candida. The test is easy to see if you have it. This can effect roseacea. Antibiotics kill good bacteria and mess up your digestion. Avoid antibiotic.

  9. […] I have written previously in a post about rosacea and digestive problems, many people believe that rosacea co-exists with gastrointestinal disorders. A recent paper by J. […]

  10. Very interested to read this theory – I had classical acne as a teenager, for which I was prescribed antibiotics. These I took for 4+ years. During this time had occasional bouts of IBS which continued along with various miscellanious colds which wouldn’t go away. Had food intolerance test, now I avoid foods I don’t have IBS problems at all. Now suffering with Rosacea, I know what sets off redness/tingling flare ups, but not the papuless and pustules. Am again on long term antibiotics which are keeping it under control..for now.

  11. I am unaware about the fact that rosacea can cause digestive problems.

  12. Hello, I think Rosacea is caused by bacterial infection in the small intestine and/or possibly the colon. There was recently a study treating Rosacea succcesfully with Rifaxmin, an antibiotic which cannot be absorbed from the GI. Chris

  13. […] I couldn’t find any scientific publication on the topic of gluten sensitivity and rosacea, but if you do a search online, then you’ll find plenty of information on the topic (mostly in forums and message boards). As it turns out, many people with rosacea wonder if their rosacea symptoms are caused by a gluten sensitivity. Some have been successful in reducing their rosacea symptoms by following a gluten-free diet. As I and others have written before, there seems to be a digestive component to rosacea. […]

  14. Rosacea is one of several skin conditions thought to be caused by celiac/gluten sensitivity. Sometimes celiac is misdiagnosed as IBS. See if you have flare-ups upon eating products containing wheat.


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