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  1. Sea Buckthorn, a common remedy for psoriasis, rosacea, and many other skin ailments, is a known anti-inflammatory. It’s commonly used for skin ailments, flare-ups, redness relief, and overall health and beauty. Internally it can help nourish your skin from the inside-out. It’s anti-inflammation properties are very potent for an all-natural fruit oil.

  2. Miranda's rosacea behandeling


    Since I watch carefully what I am eating I’m doing a lot better. I learned that I also react heavily to tomatoes, but also with red wine and sugars. And that is strange to me, because I have a friend, also a rosacea sufferer, and she handles tomatoes quite fine…

    I have not noticed any histamine intolerance or something similar.

    And for the chocolate: try to only eat the very dark kind. This kind of chocolate is less irritating because of the levels of cocoa.

    Miranda J

  3. I don’t have servere rosacea , but i used to have alot of redness on my face. I was happy with Made from Earth’s Rosehip + Hibiscus Face Serum (its for rosacea) and after 1 month of using it, it reduce a lot of my redness and even got rid of some breakouts. It doesnt dry up your skin. . . cause you need that moisture to maintain a balance.

    Just do not use alot of the product. Only a little is needed to calm down your skin.

  4. Eleanor, my nose also gets bright red, espacially after eating certain foods for dinner. My face always looks best in the morning and i have read that this is because of the hormone,cortisol. The cortisol deminishes throughout the day (somewhat) so redness tends to get worse at night for me anyway. Just hang in there and closely monitor what you eat and drink. Also, eating slowly helps me to avoid redness. -Sarah

  5. Eleanor,
    Work is a difficult place to evaluate your face’s redness, mostly because of the fluorescent lighting (green light brings out the redness in people’s faces). I will devote a future post to this topic. Also, our faces will be more red in the afternoon due to the fact that we are usually more active in the afternoon. For the nose, you may need more than 3 laser treatments and it may take some time for the tissue to heal afterwards. The changing of the seasons can also cause your face to become redder temporarily. Best wishes

  6. I have rosacea for as long as i can remember but it was only diagnosed at the beginning of the year. I am finding it very ahrd to deal with. I have alot of redness on my face, especially on my nose. I am in the process of havign laser but have not seen any great improvement so far, i have had three sesssions. I find that every afternoon in work my face absolutely explodes?? and i dont know why. the weather has gotten very bad all of a sudden, maybe this is the case? Or maybe something i am eating is effecting my face. I could eat the same foods at home though for lunch and my face wouldnt explode. Can you think of any explanations as to why this happens, im at my wits end, i really cant go on like this anymore


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