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  1. Sarah I couldn’t agree more with your post above, I also have changed my lifestyle/diet and visited the same clinic!!! There is an e book on their website!

    Anyway I have had 2 treatments there, the lady I see is Sheila, I presume she is same person as she is very knowledgeable!!!

    I hope others can find this clinic too as I have wasted a lot of time and money in the past. They are also located in central London which is convenient right in the city I think on Fenchurch Street.

    Good-luck all, be carefull who you let put strong lasers/heat/light on your skin you may regret it that’s why after reading Sarah’s post I would share my experience too and let others know!!!

    I am happy to comment if there are others who need to know more on this forum or are looking for mechanical treatments(laser/IPL)


  2. IPL is very good but where I went they did a combination of IPL and Nutritional therapy which really helped. I have seen alot of improvement in my skin. If your scared I would recommend this clinic as the woman I saw was really knowledgable in what she was doing and I felt in really safe hands. I think alot of it had to do with what I was eating so I’m pleased she was able to tell me about my diet at the same time. The other really good thing was that I was really scared about going in but they offer a free consultation and patch test so I was able to feel what it was like before i decided to go ahead with the treatment. Seriously have a look at the website I found it really helped and she was able to get me off the anti-biotics I was taking which is just wonderful. My confidence has sky rocketed since and im very thankful to have gone there.

  3. I tried 4 treatments at a medical spa in Erie. My nose is still rudolph red and the elasticity of my skin seemed to decline. In hindsight, I would ask for references and (before and after) photos of those people; before you waste the money on this. It hurts like hell and seems to cause skin damage with no real improvements. May be it was just where I went, but be vary wary.

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