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  1. I have severe Rosacea and I have been trying everything. This week it was particularly bad, I get the bumps and pimples as well as the redness. My daughter tore the ligaments in her leg two days ago and we were putting frozen peas on her when I had a thought of doing it to myself! My face burns and I also have ocular Rasacea too. I was desperate and I was going to try anything as the antibiotic cream wasn’t working either. Over a period of 2 days I’ve been applying coconut oil and to reduce the swelling and pain I wrapped an ice cube in kitchen roll and kept dabbing it on my face. I don’t know if this is a coincidence but my face today nearly pain free, the redness has gone down and the bumps are far fewer. I just wanted to share this with everyone just in case it helped somebody else.

  2. I have suffered for many years and have found various triggers. Oranges and grapefruit (possibly because of Vit C) certainly two of them. Also, tomatoes feature heavily in my culprit list. Oddly enough, I have found that answering the telephone is one of my triggers and can even localise a “flushing” event on the side of the face where I hold the receiver without affecting the other side! The best solution to all flushing for me seems to be plain old water!

  3. I bought a bottle of liquid Vitamin C and was drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of the Vitamin C.
    My rosacea broke out in a vengeance! Now, I’m using apple cider vinegar to wash the skin flakes away and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize.

    Still don’t really know if Vitamin C caused the flare up.

  4. I thought low or no histamine diet helped those with rosacea and some of those foods are listed as no nos for histamine or histadine or even high in folic acid that basically assists in histamine production.

  5. consumed one package of brussels sprouts yesterday which seems to have exacerbated my rosacea

  6. Has anyone noticed more outbreaks when taking vitamin C? I usually take a vita C supplement — and I usually have an outbreak every 2 weeks. A month ago, I ran out of vitamin C tablets and kept forgetting to buy some more. During that time, I noticed that pause, I had no outbreaks! I just bought some new Vitamin C tablets, took one, and had an immediate outbreak! Anyone else noticed this as a trigger?

  7. I heard the B6 can cause major flushing.. Vitamin C can also cause flushing.. Im almost afraid to eat anything that has B6 and a lot of Vitamin C..

  8. Sarah,
    Spinach and avocado may contain high histamine levels. These levels are also dependent on how fresh the food is. I chose these foods since I have never reacted to these particular foods and because of their potential beneficial effect on the skin (vit.B’s, K). I am glad I am receiving some valuable comments from my readers. My intention was to stimulate an inspiring discussion between myself and readers who have rosacea. I keep reading about a lot of the same trigger foods for rosacea and I thought it would be interesting to find out what other foods people react to, regardless of the histamine content.

  9. I have also read that spinach and avocado are triggers for rosacea (on and other places) do to histamine factors. I love reputable rosacea sites for there insite, so would you please explain your reasoning behind your listing them as top foods for rosacea when they are also triggers? -thanks

  10. I’ve heard spinach and avocado actually cause flushing. I have chicory for vitamin K.

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