How To Measure Your Own Blood Pressure At Home

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is important that you measure your blood pressure daily. At you local drug store, you can purchase an at-home blood pressure monitor, which range in price from $30 to $130. Follow the steps outlined in our video to accurately measure your own blood pressure:

how to measure your blood pressure at home  

  • Make sure you are calm
  • Do not take your blood pressure within two hours of eating
  • Your blood pressure will be higher after exercising or when you are upset
  • Place the cough over your left arm (and follow the directions that came with your model): make sure you place the cough on your arm in the proper direction
  • Place your arm on a flat surface (table for example), with the palm of your hand facing upward
  • Inflate the cough at least 20 points above (your estimated) systolic pressure, but keep it under 200


The air releases slowly while the monitor starts measuring. In case you did not pump the cough up high enough, or if the monitor fails to detect a heart beat, an error message will be displayed.


Some important things to remember: always follow up with your health care professional and discuss any concerns with him/her. Take your hypertension medication(s) as directed and if you are considering to add a hypertension supplement to your diet, talk to your health care professional first to find out if the supplement is compatible with your medications.

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