How to Lose Weight safely , the natural way

Obesity has become a major problem in today’s society and has been linked to a number of health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. In order to stay healthy, weight control has become an important aspect of life for many people. This article describes how to lose weight safely and effectively.

In order for us to maintain a certain weight, the daily caloric intake must be close or equal to the caloric usage. How much calories we need on a daily basis depends on our age, lifestyle and whether we are male or female. At a younger age, the body’s caloric intake must be sufficiently high to support growth and development. After our twenties, and certainly in our forties, our metabolism slows down considerably and our bodies do not need as much food.

Herein lies a fundamental problem in dieting for many people: we may realize that our metabolism has slowed down, but we are so fixed in our eating “habits” that any diet plan is hard to implement.

We still eat the same portions as we had in our twenties. Therefore, instead of changing your lifestyle all at one time, you will have more success changing habits one by one.

Any sensible diet is focused on limiting insulin peaks during the day, which can be accomplished by eating smaller meals throughout the day. These meals should be low in sugar (empty calories) and contain complex carbohydrates (such as multigrain products), proteins and fiber. If the food takes longer to digest, it will stave off hunger longer.

If you are planning to lose weight, it is important to have a plan. You will need to consider what weight loss method you are planning to use, and what your health status is before you get started.

It is always a good idea to talk to your health care professional prior to starting any weight loss regime. Understanding what eating habits may have contributed to your weight gain is also imperative to your weight loss success.

To be successful, start small. Just cutting out one can of soda each day, can result in perhaps a weight loss of one pound a month. Switching from white bread and regular pasta to multigrain bread and whole-wheat pasta can result in additional weight loss. But, portion control remains the most important aspect of a successful weight loss plan. Starting your dinner with a bowl of soup will give the stomach a sensation of being full and can help to reduce food intake.

Giving your self enough time to eat will also help your weight loss plan. This is because eating our food slower gives the food in our stomach time to expand, which will send the brain a signal that we are full.

Skipping certain meals to lose weight is according to most experts, not a good idea. It is particularly important to eat a good breakfast, since our bodies’ metabolism naturally slows down during sleep and we need food in the morning to jump-start our metabolism.

The exercise part of any weight loss plan also needs thoughtful consideration. Many people join a gym and later realize that they barely use the gym membership. It is extremely hard to motivate ourselves to follow a particular exercise regimen 2-3 times a week. It becomes a little easier when you go to the gym with a spouse, friend or colleague.

Even better, is to hire a personal trainer. A personal trainer plans out a work-out regimen that is tailored to your needs and expectations. It is usually more motivating to go to a personal trainer each week. Going to a personal trainer is off course more expensive, but many trainers let you try out a few sessions before you have to sign up for a whole package.

Eating healthy and exercising regularly both contribute to the success of any diet. Taking weight loss supplements can add additional benefits to a diet plan. There are many weight loss supplements available today and finding one that works is difficult.

Natural Ways to Lose Weight

Fucoxanthin, a pigment extracted from brown seaweed, has been shown in studies to significantly increase cellular energy use and metabolism. This increased metabolism has been linked to general fat loss. Therefore, fucoxanthin has become an important ingredient in weight loss supplements, since it can stimulate metabolism in older people whose metabolism has slowed down. Fucoxanthin does stimulate metabolism without the jittery side effects of so many crash diet pills.

Green tea has been shown to increase metabolism and inhibit sugar cravings by improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Tea in general also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which has been shown to have a calming effect on the brain.


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