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  1. I have no problems with a good biodynamically grown Chilean Red, watch that there is no sulphites though…

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for all your comments. It`s really help me figure out my allergies and hive problem.

    Marcy from California

  3. I have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and have now been gluten free for about 6 weeks. My Rosacea has greatly improved even though the doctor said it wasn’t related to my diet. I have also been taking a double dose of iron tablets daily because I was so anaemic due to the Coeliac. So for me I’m a little confused about the iron issues. Would my face improve further without the iron? Who knows?

  4. rosacea is a fungal problem, only made worse by antibiotics (unless you counteract those with probiotics). Natural antifungals are best- caprylic acid supplements (derived from coconut) and olive leaf and oil of oregano-all of these can be purchased in capsules so no nasty taste. stay away from fermented alcohol-wine and beer. also sugar, fruitcose corn syrup, yeast, cheese, chocolate will feed fungus. Citrus is also a no no, instant thrush in my case! I rarely have a flare up now and my arthritis is better too!

  5. What about alcohol pads? like noxima pads. Could this also make the rosacea worse?

  6. Hi! I can’t handle alcohol. I have noticed that red wine is worse than white wine. Also, white wine is worse than beer.

    Some people try whiskey of wodka, but with the sugars in that it’s still bad for you.

    And alcoholic drinks are not the only drinks you should avoid. Also the different soda’s can contribute to the symptoms because of sugar and additives.

    So be carefull with food and drinks if you have rosacea. Keep a diary to see what triggers your symptoms.


  7. Well, I have noticed that when I go out to clubs, bars etc and particularly when I drink house wines my rosacea flares up instantly. However the wines I purchase from good wineries and keep at home, my rosacea usually does not show a reaction. So I guess it depends. I take note of these wines and only buy the ones to which I have no reaction.

  8. Well alcohol and Rosacea are not a good combo. I noticed getting worse on many people, like coffee almost same terrible effect.

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