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  1. There is increasing concern about the resistance of microorganisms to various drugs and the perspective of continuous use of antibiotics is not yet well defined. Therefore, many measures to solve this problem need to be adopted, e.g., the controlled use of antibiotics, expansion of research for the better understanding of the resistance mechanisms, and continuing attempts to develop new synthetic and natural drugs. Peptides, we believe, constitute a novel potential therapeutic agent against diseases caused by pathogenic organisms.

  2. Very interesting!

    I beleive that the gut somehow plays a role in both rosacea and autism possibly through inappropriate permeability.

    I agree that demodex mites play a role in rosacea. Do the mites influence this, or does the “leaky gut” create a friendly environment for the mites in which they flourish?

    Here is an exact quote from an article in a reputable medical journal:

    “It is possible that Demodex influences the expression levels and the processing of cathelicidin.” Bevins CL, Fu-Tong L. Rosacea: skin innate immunity gone awry? Nature Medicine 13, 904 – 906 (2007).

    It’s possiible that people are allergic to certain commensal pathogens carried by demodex, or to the demodex exoskeleton.

    I am a researcher who suffers terribly from rosacea, and the only thing I have found that appears to have some good possibilities for demodex eradication backed by reasonable science is tea tree oil (TTO)as outlined in an article:

    Gao Y-Y, Di Pascuale MA, Li W, Baradaran-Rafii A, Elizondo A, Raju VK, Tseng SCG. In vitro and in vivo killing of ocular demodex by tea tree oil. Br J Ophthalmol 2005;89:1468-1473.

    Dr. Tseng has gone on to patent products, but this technique could be followed through by any motivated patient. Although it is uncomfortable, it is not unbearable, as I can attest. At week 1, I have not had any reduction in redness, but my acne is clearing, and my skin is less itchy.

  3. Regulation of cathelicidin genes are controlled by their upstream elements, of which calciferol response elements (CRE) plays a crucial role in combination with retinoid x receptor (RXR). Electrophoretic mobility assays may be performed to study the DNA-Protein interactions.

  4. I have borderline vit. D levels. Everytime i increase supplementation of vitamin D my rosacea flares big time, and I even develop cysts (which I normally never have). I can go out in the sun (sun hits my back only, not my face). The rosacea flare from this vitamin D is not as severe. I think there is a link between vitamin D and rosacea, and have always suspected this due to my reaction to it. I took antibiotics for years. This is not a permanent solution as your gut bacteria will be messed up (perhaps leading to Leaky Gut and aggravating your rosacea in the long run). As rosey indicated, laser treatment is the only effective treatment for rosacea, in my particular case. I think expanding on your blog about the relation of gut health to rosacea relative to Leaky Gut Syndrome would be very informative.

  5. I found that cabbage juice helped for a period of time with rosacea. I think it helped with leaky gut, which many people have as a result of stress, food allergies, and dysbiosis. Eventually it stopped working for me, and now the only thing that I have found to work for the reddness is laser, and antibiotics for the white heads. Although I hate going that route, and know that the antibiotics are not the answer, and the laser is probably doing long term damage.

  6. Vitamin D Deficiency

    Vitamin D can be tricky, milk, where it is readily available, is a good source of it but can be near poisonous for adults as they mature out of childhood. A healthy dose of sun on the other hand, can provide the requisite vitamin D but puts a large strain on the skin where one can develop growths from too much ultraviolet radiation. Vitamin D pills are probably the safest middle ground.

  7. Antibiotics and chemicals are responsible for destoying the immune system of the skin. As we – rosaceans, often listen to wrong advices to use the antibiotics as only possible rosacea treatment, we suffer in the long run. Candida is not only one. How about the demodicosis (demodex)?? Read some interesting facts here about the link between the use of chemicals and antibiotics and development of demodex.

  8. I was diagnosed with rosacea approx 2 years ago, I tried many treatments to get rid of it and nothing worked.
    Anyway since I have always been prone to Thrush I decided to do a little research last week on the pooter and educated myself on the whole candida thrush and tinea thing as they are apparently all related.
    Well lets just say that I self diagnosed myself as having TINEA FACIEI and went out and bought Ego Tinea cream which I have been applying for 3 days now.

    AND GUESS WHAT it’s actually clearing up. My face almost looks normal only after 3 days.

    I think that just maybe this could be what some ppl out there have without even realising it.

    Good Luck !!!!

  9. I just did a quick Google search.. appears Autism and Candida both implicated with shortage of Vitamin D. I tell you.. Candida. Improve the immune system, avoid antibiotics, get on the ‘candida’ diet.

  10. Please add to your research the possibly of a Candida link. I had chronic sinus problems caused by candida. Eliminating the Candida practically eliminated my Allergy problems also. Allergies, of course, are a hypersensitive response to allergens. As candida invade the body it modifies its environment (your body and immune system). There is also a Candida – Autism link. I am becoming convinced that Candida may cause many of the health problems people have. Antibiotics may make the problem worse or even cause the problem of Candida overgrowth. thanks.

  11. I’m not sure what to make of this! I’ve had plenty of vitamin D my entire life, & too much sun(when younger). My symptoms worsen in heat/humidity…yet, cold & wind make it bad, too. I just hope they find a “cure” for both conditions.

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